Trauma Recovery and Wellness

Trauma Recovery and Wellness
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Common price: 6 000,00 ZAR Our price: 4 200,00 ZAR each Brand: Aquilla Wellness SolutionsAquilla Wellness Solutions

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This series is particularly valuable for people suffering from workplace stress and compassion fatigue.

Trauma Recovery and the possibility of healing go hand in hand. You are hardwired to be well and healthy.

 The Trauma Recovery and Wisdom Series will help you to move beyond survival mode and feeling overwhelmed by breaking the cycle of dysfunctional thinking. We deal with the root of your suffering and painful memories to create your new life story.

In this series, you deal with problems in the best way to be able to make better life choices to enjoy a balanced, fulfilled life. Every step enforces what is in your best interest so that you can be well and whole.

Total Value = R6 000.

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