Aquilla Advisors has a history of outstanding customer service and a combination of unique products. Aquilla Training is one of the divisions that provides online workshops and various coaching series.

Aquilla Training focuses on providing training for excellence in personal and professional development in the areas of business management, people management and financial well-being. The online workshops are self-paced and take about 3 to 4 hours to complete. Participants can download their certificates immediately after completing the evaluation questions.

Topics we cover are categorized under Counselling, Ethics and Governance, Management and Self-growth. You can submit your certificate and supplementary documentation for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points to the professional body under their self-study section.

Our online workshops are self-paced workshops for personal and professional development. We also offer bespoke in-person workshops for companies, churches and community organisations.

You can communicate with us if there is a topic that you what to see on our menu. Please feel free to contact Aquilla Training and we will respond swiftly. (Please include your email address and contact number in your correspondence.)

News about updates and new offerings is available via Nexus News.

Subscription is free of charge.



Dr Barbara Louw's Personal Coaching Series is structured as “6-personal-counselling-sessions-in-6-weeks.

Each series offers more than a blueprint to ensure rapid progress and irreversible life-long results.

Our methods are proven to lead to extraordinary results in a short time with permanent growth towards wellness.

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