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Yes, the workshop content is the same and the purpose is the same.

All CPD activities must have been accredited by a Professional Body. ‘Professional Body’ is defined in a ‘body recognised by SAQAas a professional body for purposes of the NQF Act’.

Therefore,always check with the provider of the CPD activity to ensure that the activityhas been accredited by a Professional Body (this can be any Professional Body as recognized by SAQA and is not limited to a specific Professional Body) and for how many CPD hours the activityhas been approved.

The number of hours as well as the Profesional Body who approved the CPD hours is indicated clearly on each workshop/course propectuse/brochure on the Aquilla Training website.

Please ensure that you get a copy of your professional body's CPD policy and that you verify beforehand the allowbale of other professional bodies approved CPD's.

MAquilla Training  will issue a certificate of attendance for full attendance of a physical event and will issue a certificate of completion for successful completion (including an assessment) of any approved CPD activity (online course).

The certificate will state the date of completion, as well as the number of CPD hours for the activity, as per notification from the relevant professional body, as well as the Professional body who approved it.

You will be able to access your details on our e-learning platform and print out your certificate once you have enrolled for and completed a CPD activity.

Note: You are responsible to keep your own records of certificates relating to CPD activities, so that you can provide these records to youremployer and or professional body, as required. We will maintain your certificate for a period of five years whereafter it will be deleted. Youe employer / professional body can verify that the certificate is not copied by using the unique QR-code printed on the certificate.

If you need a letter for your emloyer to confirm that you have attended a physical event, request this on the final day of the workshops in your area.


Payments can be made via:

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  • Payfast using:
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This will depend on your role, professional registration level and the development needs identified for you by your employer and/or your professional body.

Obtain your professionl body's Policy on CPD. All registered professional bodies must have a CPD policy before registration of the professional body.

These policies must be revied and updated from time to time, so ensure that you get the latest policy aproved at the Professional body's Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Each CPD activity is approved by an accredited professional body in the field of expertise and will be allocated a CPD hour value based on duration, content, relevence and complexity o fthe activity and any assessment requirements.

Continuous professional development (CPD) is required to maintain abilities, skills and knowledge required for professionals. This requires ‘lifelong’ or ongoing learning, meaning that CPD activities need to be undertaken every year, during the CPD cycle and is not a once-off requirement.

Have a look at your professional body's policy on CPD and the cycle your body has decided on.

Some Professional bodies work on an annual cycle from a certain date until an end date, other might have a two or three year cycle.

In order to verify your identity for any CPD approved workshops in your area that requires physical attendance, proof in the form of a valid ID document, passport or drivers licensewill be required.

A physical attendance register will be kept at all events and you will be required to sign in, attend for the full duration of the event, and sign out at the end of the event.

For online courses or workshops and approved activities, users are identified on registration, requested to upload a copy of their ID document onto the learner managements system, and issued with unique login and password details.

Please allow four business days from payment received on initial registration for administration to be completed and access to be granted for an online activity/course.

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