We offer our sincerest condolences to every family who suffered the loss of loved ones and friends after illness and accidents. We are praying for those who are in pain due to cancer and long-term-COVID. The team of partners and facilitators at Aquilla Training were also impacted and we are grateful for their faithful work and for updating the website.

Permit me to present the rest of the updates in bullet point format, because I want to list the online workshops with our different levels of priority, other forms of communication to keep you motivated and Kailo Institute NPC (partner content).

  1. Online workshops presented by Aquilla Training
  • Current online workshop titles
    • Addressing Bullying
    • Adhering to Ethics Made Practical
    • Dealing with Cyberbullying
    • Grieving parents
    • Helping Grieving Children
    • Miscarriage and stillbirth
    • The reality of Suicide and Self-harm
    • Recovery and Revival After A Disaster in Your Life
    • Therapeutic Value of Art and Play
  • Aquilla Training’s Face-2- topics being converted to online workshops
    • Basic Trauma Support For Adults
    • Basic Trauma Support For Children
    • Bitterness, Revenge And Resiliency
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Embitterment In The Workplace
    • Emotional First Aid For Trauma Responders
    • Hope And Embitterment
    • Managing Trauma Relief In The Workplace
    • Principles Of Coaching And Mentoring
    • Victim Empowerment In A Nutshell
    • Wellness And Self-Care
    • Wholistic Wellness Model
  • Urgently requested new topics
    • Burning Infertility
    • Divorce And Children
    • Domestic Violence And Children
    • Gambling – Deception And Addiction
  • Other workshop topics that are open
    • Afrikaans – Herstel en Herleef
    • Afrikaans – Kinders Wat Rou En Treur
    • Afrikaans – Miskraam En Stilgeboortes
    • Afrikaans – Ouers Wat Rou En Treur
    • Afrikaans – Terapeutiese Waarde Van Kuns En Speel
    • Afrikaans – Werklikheid Van Selfdood
  • New workshops coming soon
    • Ageing Parents
    • Am I A Toxic Parent?
    • Child Abusing Parent
    • Gift Of Rest And Sleep
    • Young Widowhood

Please visit Aquilla Training’s website regularly to see the progress.

The prospectus will be available shortly.

Join us every Tuesday at 18h00 for a short discussion on Aquilla Training’s Facebook page. If technology permits, the discussions will also be recorded.

Our partner,  Kailo Institute NPC offers a Christian Pastoral Counselling Training First Year Programme 2021/22

This year programme is for people who love God and who want to make a difference in the lives of other people. The emphasis is on Christian Pastoral Counselling training for adult learners. Subcategories of interest like counselling children, marriage, trauma, and so on, will be identified during the initial interviews and will per part of the course participant's practical work.

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