Aquilla Training is a joint venture between Inter Trauma Nexus (NGO/PBO); Aquilla Financial Solutions (FSP) and Aquilla Wellness Solutions. These three entities are well known in the community and corporate environment. The leadership team put their proficiency together to offer continuous professional development training and progress.

In the proscpetus you will find messages from officials from Inter Trauma Nexus and Aquilla Financial Solutions are included at the end of the Introduction section.

 This brochure features detail about the workshop topics, the value proposition and practical information about bookings, cost and online registration process. The section about regional workshops offer information about places in South Africa, the times and specific session where you can attend the chosen workshops. The facilitators are introduced by presenting their profiles and the way forward.

In Part 1 each workshop is explained with a short description and who will benefit from attending the workshop, with detail about where the workshop will be presented. For participants who requires continuous professional development points there is an indication of the professional body who accredited the workshop.

The workshop detail is explained in Part II, in terms of the value proposition, accreditation, benefits, expectations and deliverables. There is an overview of the online booking and payment system, including payment options. In this section you will get information about requesting workshops for your group, church, school or community organization.

Part III offers maps of South Africa and Gauteng where workshops are scheduled, as well as the complete roster for each venue.

In Part IV the facilitators’ profiles are presented in the form of summaries of their respective curriculum vitae, including their qualifications and professional affiliations.

The way forward is discussed in Part V. This included and overview of the workshop, the accompanying webinars, future strategy for online CPD workshop and detail about training services for corporate entities, community and volunteer organizations. These services focuses on social responsibility, community upliftment and management proficiency, as well as consumer awareness.

Download your copy of the proscetus and share with colleagues and friends.

  Gauteng Workshops 2019

On the map you can see an indication of the areas where we are planning the 2019 CPD tours. Other areas that we are scheduling training in is Gauteng and the Vaal Triangle. More are may be added as we arrange specific concessions with schools, churches and other community organisations.

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