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Monday, April 08, 2019 Dr Barbara Louw Blog 829

Addressing Bullying - Online Workshop

Launch date: 15 April 2019

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Topics Covered in this workshop include:

  • Definitions and types of bullying
  • Explanation who will require help from the pastoral counsellor.
  • Frequency of bullying in schools, churches, families and the community.
  • Role players in the prevalence of bullying.
  • Warning signs and effect of bullying.
  • Bullying, suicide and other types of aggressive behaviour.
  • Interventions and the parent/educator/counsellor’s role in the healing process.

This workshop is launched on a set date and then remains available for a period of at least a year.

The most important benefit of the online workshop is that it you complete it at a time and pace that is convenient for you. You register on the website, choose your topic and after the payment process you can start with the workshop.

You can work through the material in one sitting or at your expediency, as long as you complete all the elements within 60 days from registration. Once completed, the workshop certificate will be ready to download.

This workshop is accredited for 4 CPD points by CPSC. SACE points are pending.


Tuesday, October 09, 2018 Super User Workshops 1174


Topics endorsed by various professional bodies, such as South African Council for Educators (SACE), are:

Adhering to ethics made practical- CPTD Workshop – 5 points

Trauma Relief for Management- CPTD Workshop – 5 points

Wellness and Self-Care in the school community - CPTD Workshop – 5 points

Victim Empowerment - CPTD Workshop – 5 points

Basic Trauma Support working with adults - CPTD Workshop – 5 points

Basic Trauma Support with Children- CPTD Workshop – 5 points. This workshop will link with the childrens’ book series and accompanying therapeutic tools for working with children, authored and illustrated by Dr Barbara Louw, that will be launched soon.

Principles of Coaching and Mentoring - CPTD Workshop – 5 points.

Cultural Diversity & Sensitive Support - CPTD Workshop – 5 points.

Role and Responsibilities when Serving on Boards and Committees - CPTD Workshop – 5 points.


Online Courses:

Addressing Bullying (Online Workshop) - CPTD Workshop – 5 points and 4 CPSC CPD points

Dealing with Cyberbullying (Online Workshop) - CPTD Workshop – 5 points and 4 CPSC CPD points.


Other counselling-related topics that we will be presenting include:

Embitterment in the Workplace (CPSC 4 CPD points)

Hope and Embitterment (CPSC 4 CPD points)

Bitterness, Revenge and Resiliency (CPSC 4 CPD points)

Wholistic Wellness Model for Counsellors (CPSC 4 CPD points)

Emotional First Aid for Trauma Responders (CPSC 4 CPD points)

Professionalism and Professional Bodies(CPSC 2 CPD points) This workshop will be sponsored for participant who enrol for at least one other CPD workshop.

We also identified a significant need for business skills for counsellors and practice managers, that Aquilla Financial Solutions will address by offering courses like:


FPI My Money 123 Financial Education for All presented by a member of Financial Planning Institute of South Africa. This workshop is sponsored.

Business Management in a Counselling Practice(CPSC 3 CPD points)

Practice Risk Management (CPSC 2 CPD points)


Contact us for More information



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